Crocodile Rock (Elephant Rock)

Direction: Right | Type: point-break | Level : all surfers | Bottom: Sandy

1 hour ride to the south will leave you with a twenty minute walk along another beautiful beach to reach Crocodile Rock. I don’t know if the place is named after one of the rocks on the point or some of the large salt water crocs that live in the lagoon 50 meters from the break but it is a beautiful spot for a day surf mission. This is the smallest of the three points, and you need a medium to large swell f or Croc Rock to work at all. When the point is 6 foot then Croc Rock will be 3 foot. It is however a perfect wave for the beginner/intermediate or long board enthusiastic. A sucky take-off section over sand leads on to a long wall that breaks right down the point or about 400 meters much like inside Pottuvil point. Again bring lots of water and make sure that your surf point guide is there to pick you up after a session and a long walk back in the searing tropical sun.

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